Monday, September 19, 2016

VCAN0824 7 Inch Android4.0 Taxi headrest Advertising player with 3G Wifi Boday Sensor

VCAN0824 7 Inch Android4.0 Taxi headrest Advertising player with 3G Wifi Boday Sensor 
Selling Points: 

Taxi headrest Advertising player
With 3G  Wifi  Boday Sensor

*System based on Android 4.0.

*Support 1920*1080 HD resolution

*Support Multi-touch , resistive, 

*Built-in WiFi, speaker

*Support SD/USB card.

1.according to their own needs and aesthetic habit, free editing style touch interface;

2.according to their own preferences fun graphics tablet, freedom to choose a variety of styles, shapes used to touch the window.

3.Click on the directory level, can support multiple directories;

4.freedom to place the program files, according to need replacement, or;

5 touch sensitive, quick response, gently a bit, instantly wonderful show truly "be triggered at any moment", "at one's disposal".

6.Support SD/USB card.

7.built-in speaker

8.Can automatically boot looping, support the picture, video, music mixture

9.Support MPEG4 (AVI div-x, x-vid), MPEG2 (DVD, VOB, MPG2), MPEG1 (VCD, DAT, MPG1), JPEG, MP3 and other file formats; file fixed resolution is 720 × 480.

10.with automatic switch machine, water subtitles, time display function.

11.Convenient installation.

12.You can set five weeks time, support for different times of day timer switch machine

13.Automatic generation of playing log, provide file playback status enquiry.

14.Human body infrared induction switch function, the human body induction function is opened and closed by remote control (customize)

15.Support OTG copy function, can be USB file automatically COPY to the memory of Cary. (customize)


17.Can be widely used in the subway, elevator, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, retail terminal places, and can also be used for a taxi, bus, train and other transport.


1.System platform based on Android 4.0.4 and above version

2.Support 1920*1080 HD resolution, 1080p HD video and picture decoding.built-in HDMI1.4 support 1080P output support 3D output

3.Support multi touch function, resistance, capacitance, and infrared touch screen.

4.Master the use of A10. ARM Cortex-A8 1.2G multi-core processor

5.Mali-400 MP graphics processing unit, it can provide 2D and 3D speed. Performance up to 1080p resolution.

6.Support full format flash player. Video decoding is up to 2160P, perfect with new large size TV resolution

7.Through the HDMI interface, directly connected to TV,without the HDMI data line. Take up less space.

8.The built-in WiFi802.11b/g, wireless internet access

9.The Android market application software to support the standard operation. The built-in G-Sensor ,support mass games under the platform of Android, the installation can be used.

10.Supporting 2.4G wireless remote control. The operation is flexible and convenient. UDP can be hidden in the TV anywhere.

11.Through WiFi, you can browse any webpage, TV online so easy

12.The built-in function Adobe Flash. To support online video, Internet radio, television network, a stick hit!

13.Using custom hardware motherboard, A8 platform based on ARM low power consumption, high performance      price ratio. The stability of the system. The frequency can reach 1.2GHZ

14.Support background of terminal interface layout and the application of remote network management.

15.Support for remote multi period timer switch machine and split screen play function.

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