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VCAN0444 Android HD 3D Graphic Car TV Cloud Receive Tuner Box with Remote Control

VCAN0444 Android HD 3D Graphic Car TV Cloud Receive Tuner Box with Remote Control 

Selling Points: 

1. Android 4.0
2. HD Car TV cloud receive tuner box
2. GPU offers 3D graphic with OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG 1.1 
3. Standard HDMI 
4. Strong Power Manage Unit 

5. With remote control


VCAN0444 Android HD 3D Graphic  Car TV Cloud Receive Tuner Box with Remote Control


  1. 1. CPU Type :Single Core ARM Cortex A9

  1. 2. Model number: RK2928 1.5 GHz

  1. 3. Architecture: HD video decoder(1080p @ 60fps)

  1. 4. HD video encoder:1080p

  1. 5. GPU offers:3D graphic with OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG 1.1

  1. 6. Strong Power Manage Unit(PMU)

  1. 7. I2S Master & Slave Interface for Audio

  1. 8. HDMI 1.4

  1. 9. DDR Flash Power DDR3 1G (4 x 256M DDR)

  1. 10. Nand flash 4G/8G/16G

  1. 11. Power consumption Main unit + 2.4G sender(Mouse) ≤ 700mA@5V

  1. 12. Operation System OS Android 4.1.2

  1. 13. Linux Kernel 3.0.8+

  1. 14. 2.4G 2.4G wireless mouse/keyboard

  1. 15. Wi-Fi WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (Built-in Realtek 8188 Sdio WiFi Module)

  1. 16. Standard Applications:Music MP3,WMA,WAV,OGG,AAC,FLAC,3GP…

  1. 17.Video Player :MPEG2,MPEG4,AVI,WMV,MKV,MOV,RM,RMVB

  1. 18. Gallery:JPG,BMP,PNG…

1.Browser Internet browse
2.2D/3D GPU(1*mail 400)
3.Play Store Apps in Google Play Store
4.Adobe Flash Player V11.1 or later
5.HTML5 Support
6.I/O Mini USB port For OTG
7.USB port 1 HOST 1
8.USB port 2 HOST 2
10.LAN port Ethernet
11.DC-in 5V 2.5mm DC-in
12.IR Built-in IR receiver
13.AV out Audio/Video output
14.Micro SD card slot For Micro SD card (TF card)
15.Size & Weight Size 95.7 x 95.7 x 23.7 mm
16.Weight About 84g
17.Accessory AC adapter AC100-240V 50/60Hz output 5V/1A
18.Mini USB cable
19.HDMI cable
21.Giftbox packing
22.Game control for 8bit/16bit games (optional, upcost $)
23.HD video decoder(1080P@30Fps)
24.HD Video encoder(1080P@30Fps)
25.GPU offers 3D graphic with OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG 1.1
26.Strong Power Manage Unit
27.I2S Master & Slave Interface for Audio
28.2D/3D GPU inside (mali400)
29.Standard HDMI Interface(HDMI
30.Main Unit + 2.4G sender(Mouse) ≤600mA@5V
31.DDR3: 512M or 1GB Byte(600Mhz)
32.Internal 4G/8G/16G Nand Flash
33.IEEE 802.11 b/g/n(Internal Sdio Wifi Module)
34.Support wifi connect with Mobile display
35.Wi-Fi Direct Connection
37.Wireless Provisioning Services
38.Standard Mini-5Pin USB
39.USB A Type HOST 2.0,Support 2.4G Mouse,Keyboard,Game ,USB HUB ,HDD.
40.Support HDMI 1.4(Mini-19Pin)
43.Micro SD Card (TF Card)
44.5V 2.5mm
46.DLNA Digital Living Network Alliance
47. WiFi bridge Wire to wireless

TV channels for Arabic/India/Turkey/USA:

Q&A for IPTV box: 
1. How many channels come in this box? And do you provide us all the channels? And would you be providing us the channels forever or would we have to do it ourselves?
All TV channels are from free network channels. Any TV resources found from networkusers can add by themselves and play freely,.

2.will these channels live stream ,or through internet?
Some channels are live stream, some are video resources, just like “youtube”.

3. How many Arabia channels can you device receive? can you send me the list of the Arabia channels please?
Our device can receive at least 200 HD Arabia channels. We will installed a part. And most of the channels can installed by customers according to their own needs . 

4.Is it a learning remote control ? that can control both TV box and TV?
Our standard remote control is not a learning remote control. If you need the remote control can control both TV box and TV, we can also provide.

5. We need to use this as PVR. Will it work.? Does it have an internal hard drive to record shows?
Our product VCAN0590 has the PVR function when it receive DVB-T TV program. It has no internal hard drive, can record the program on USB only.

6. Does your IPTV box support HDMI-CEC?  
 Yes. our IPTV box support HDMI.

7.Do you have air mouse /keyboard combo included in that pack?
Our standard pack is not include air mouse & keyboard combo. But if you need, we can provide extra.

8. I want something same like zaaptv309,or 209 ready to plug and start watching any where in the world. Does your product support ?
Yes. our IPTV box can receiving worldwide free network TV channels at any where . Customers can add more channels by installing app.  Welcome you to order sample for test.

 Model Number:VCAN0444
 One Sample Weight (including package): 0.9 (kgs)
 Quantity per carton: (pcs)
 Gross Weight per carton: (kgs)
 Volume Weight per carton: (kgs)
 Carton Size:  (cm)

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