Saturday, September 17, 2016

HAV-799 7 inch Headrest DVD with Divx MP4 USB SD player joystick

HAV-799 7 inch Headrest DVD with Divx MP4 USB SD player joystick 
Selling Points: 

Divx MP4/USB/SD/player joystick
Digital panel + Touch Button

*Built-in IR-TX FM-TX transmitter
*AV input/output
*32 Bit games and game disc
*Region Free
*LED backlight

*2AV input

Model NO:HAV-799

7 inch Headrest DVD with Divx MP4 USB SD player joystick


1.Built-in DVD Player compatible with DVD/VCD/MP3/MP4/CD-R/CD-RW/DIVX

2. LED backlit panels for exceptional picture quality, high efficiency and long life

3.Cover colors easily interchangeable between black,grey and tan to match vehicle interior (3 colors interchangeble leather cover optional)

4. Pole distance adjustable from10.5-21cm apart for universal fit

5.Free tilt mechanism allows for adjustment to optimal viewing angle

6.2.0 USB port and SD/MMC card slot for music, image and video files

7.32 bits wireless games

8. Automatically selects PAL/ATSC/ATSC MH system

9. Front 3.5mm jack for headphones

10.2 A/V inputs,1 front AV output,one tail cabel AV output


1.One 3.5mm front input jack

2.One front DC input jack for cigarete lighter

3.One wired RCA input

4.1 A/V RCA output

5.Built-in dual-channel speaker

6. Built-in internation FM frequancy transmitter

7. Built-in dual channel IR transmitter

8. Ch A: 2.3MHz(left)-2.8MHz(right)

9. Ch B: 3.2MHz(left)-3.8MHz(right)

10. Power consumption: 12W

11. Operating temperature:-30ºC to +60ºC.

12. Weight: 2.0KGS

13. Touch panel(Optional)

ACCESSORIES:Remote control; Game control; Cigeratte Lighter; Power/AV Cable; User manual.

Paking details:

carton size:66*45*34(cm)
Unit Weight including package:4.8 (kgs)
Quantity per carton:6 (pcs)
Gross Weight per carton:14.6 (kgs)
Volume Weight per carton:20.2 (kgs)

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