Wednesday, September 14, 2016

GPS-7102 7 inch 2 din hidden car gps tracker DVD Build in TV Tuner Bluetooth

GPS-7102 7 inch 2 din hidden car gps tracker DVD Build in TV Tuner Bluetooth 
Selling Points: 

7 inch 2 din hidden car gps tracker DVD
1 hidden car gps tracker 
3 USB/ SD card reader 

4 Bluetooth and touch screen

GPS-7102 features:

1. connection built in Amplifier 4 ch output 45WX4

2. Tilt back/forth LCD panel

3. Enjoy from any viewing angle automatic storage

4. All adjusted parameters can be automatically stored and restored display mode

5. Automatic identification of PAL/SECAM/NTSC modes with a wide range of application and good compatibility

6. Remote control function:

All the operation can be remotely controlled to ensure easy and convenient operation

7. Signal selection:

Two-channel video output,and left/right preamp audio output.Automatic detection for backing

8. Picture mode selection:

TFT LCD preset mode enables quick adjustment of picture quality

9. Bluetooth and touch screen

10. USB/ SD card reader.

11. RDS function

12. FM/AM function

13.Steering wheel control function
Paking details:

Product Name:
Unit Weight including package:


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